My Journey

My Journey

Hello and welcome to my first blog. 

Where do I start, by saying Hello and thank you for visiting my page. 

For anyone who has said to themselves "I want to work for myself" this is my journey.

I have always been strong minded. If my mum was here, she would tell you how strong I was.? (Let's leave that story for another day?) I've always known what I wanted my life to look like. I wanted to leave school become a chef, I always had a plan. I fulfilled that dream. I trained to become a chef, I even had the pleasure of going to Manchester and being part of the grand opening of a new restaurant. It was amazing. Moving from one place to the next, gaining skills and experience my passion for food grew. 

I've always said "enjoy what you do, it's not always about the money"

So, I did. 

At one stage, I looked around and questioned, is this for me? The long hours, the heat (if you have been in a busy kitchen, you know about the heat) and my love of food? At that point it was time to move on.

So, skipping through a few years. I trained to be a mechanic, I worked in a garage for a few years (Cars are on my list of passions?) Then fell into mentoring, supporting young people with behavioral and social issues. That was a point where I fell in love. I talk a lot, (some people would say too much?) but now I could get paid to do just that. It was so much more then just talking, it was heart felt, emotional at times and frustrating but I loved it all. 

My career paths don't make much sense to many people but at every stage in my life, my heart and soul has been 100%.

In my next blog, I'll explain my random, crazy, leap of faith into the world of Tropical Paradise Preserves.

Peace and Light.



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