New Hair And I Don't Care.😊😍

New Hair And I Don't Care.😊😍

Hi wonderful people, this week has been the beginning of something great.

For the past 2 weeks, I have been debating do have the big cut (my hair) or not? I was so nervous, trying to picture what I would look like with very short hair. Would it suit me? Will I regret it? 

My hair has always been a big part of me. From a young age, every week my sister and i would have to get our hair done. Wash, blow dry, grease and plait. It was routine. When I hit a certain age, I was the one who had to help my mum do her hair in braids. but it was like having bonding time too.

So as I grew, (my teenage years) I dyed my hair honey blond, red, blue I did it all. Cut it short (but not this short) grew it out. Braided it, permed it, weaved it. I have gone through it all. 

Now I'm 30 something, at a stage in my life where I feel like I'm in control. My hair is a big part of that control. So, it was time to get out of my comfort zone and do the Big Chop. Sunday came, I had taken out my hair, washed, twisted and left to dry. Monday morning, my tummy was in knots, I called my sister, messaged my friend to see if I was doing the right thing. I left out my home, jumped in my car and headed to the barber shop. I pulled up, I sat and sat and sat. My heart was beating so fast, I spoke to my sister one more time and stepped out my car.

I walked into the barbers, it was empty, 2 people in the chairs and a man walks in. I was meant to be next but I told him to go. My hands were sweating, I felt sick. So, I sit, talk to the barber and told him what I would like, he said cool and the journey began. 

"The 1st cut is the deepest" ain't that the truth. There was no going back at that point.🙈😧😊 I relaxed a little and started to fall in love with every inch that was cut. He finished, I felt like a new person. I was so happy with the end result. 2 out of 3 of my daughters like my me look. I've been getting a lot of "WoW" "can I touch your hair" "you look so different" all smiles and thank you's from myself. 

I wake up and feel like the missing me, the me who has control over her life, the one who can concur the world. I thought my hair was a big part of my beauty, I was so wrong. I feel so beautiful, so great, so put together. 

I'm so ready for pure greatness.

People might think I'm crazy for making such a big move. But it's just so wonderful.

To bigger and better things to come.

Peace and Light.


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