So Far So Good

So Far So Good

My 1st 6 months in business have been amazing. When I first started out, it was about having an extra income. Working full time and raising a family, plus doing events on the weekend, it just got too much. Over the summer I decided to take control of my life. I wasn't the parent I wanted to be. I want to go to the school plays, the violin concerts and parents evenings too. So, I took the bull by the horns, as they say and went for it. My 2 eldest daughters (18 and 15) were nervous, that it wouldn't work. I just got to a stage in my life, where I felt there has to be something better then this. To show them, that you can work hard for yourself and make it work.

So my journey began. I was registered with my local council, had my business bank account set up and found a supplier for big orders of jars and bottles. It was amazing and wonderful to think I can plan my own days, work my own hours. Work around my daughters and also do something that I really enjoy.  

Business cards were ordered, I started researching big events. Booking events. Started really building stock. Also keeping records, noting everything and just trying to find balance. I found it. I am not saying it has been easy, it has been challenging, eye opening and just so much learning and I will continue to grow and learn. A lot of reading and researching has been done, a lot of questioning and finding out what's best for me to grow too.

From having a range of about 8 items, I am now 16 strong and ready to grow even more. I am in the process of getting some honest reviews, from a selection of people from around the world. This will be interesting. You can read about the feedback in July's issue of monthly newsletter. Sign Up! Sign Up!??

I have been given a amazing opportunity to share a piece of my vision with the world and I'm going to run with it. Please watch this space, it will blow your mind.??


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