The Range

The Range


Sweet Chilli Jam

Chilli Jam With Lime

Super Hot Chilli Jam

Triple Dip Chilli Jam - Sweet Chilli/Ginger/Lime.

There is so many things you can do with the chilli jams. Have them as a dip, marinate, a spread. Add them to Stir Fry's for the heat and sweetness. With the Triple Dip Chilli Jam, you have the joys if having 3 different flavours in one jar. Every time you dip, you will get a hint of the lime, maybe a little ginger or a hit of sweet chilli. The mad thing about it, it's Red, Gold and Green. But there is so many more thing you can do, the list goes on.


Scotch Bonnet Sauce

Roast Pepper and Garlic Ketchup

Hot Rocket Chilli Sauce

Banging BBQ Sauce

Each sauce has such a different flavour. Each one can be used as a condiment but also as part of a marinate. The Scotch Bonnet Sauce has a mild sweetness, a great balance of heat and the fruitiness of the pepper. The Roast Pepper and Garlic Ketchup has a great taste. The paprika gives it a lovely smokey tastes.


Chilli And Garlic



Each bottles is filled with Rapeseed Oil and high quality ingredients. These oils can be used to make salad dressings, you can sprinkle a little Rosemary oil on to your roast potatos. Heat some of the Chilli and Garlic salute some vegetables. It will give them a wonderful flavour.


Spiced Plum With Dark Rum

Rhubarb, Ginger and Cinnamon Jam

This jam, where do I start. It has an amazing smell and the taste, I was told " Christmas In A Jar " I've had a customer say they have had it with cheese and crackers. I have collaborated with a lady who bakes beautiful cakes, she uses this jam in her cakes. You need to taste it, to beileve it. I have a brand new jam. It's so lovely, you can put a spoonful in natural yoghurt for a wonderful taste.


Salt Free Seasoning

Universal Seasoning

Both of these seasonings, one Dry (salt free) the other Wet (universal) you can use them both together, as a marinate. The herbs and spices within both, have a great balance of flavour. The Wet seasoning, you can add a little to casseroles, brown stew chicken, fish or mixed beans. You can also eat it raw, having the vinegar as a preserves, it holds all the flavours in.


Cameralised Red Onion Chutney

Cameralised Red Onion Chutney With Jerk

These chutney's so different, they both have a kick, one just much bigger then the other. They are both so versatile. I've made quiche with the jerk chutney, added some on my cheese wraps. Had them with salad, cheese and crackers. Or just ate them from the jar. 

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