When Opportunity Knocks..

When Opportunity Knocks..

They say, when opportunity knocks open the door.

I'm opening the door of Growth and Understanding. From when I started all of this, my vision was kind of limited. I had the notion of, if this didn't work, I could always get a job. The ball of greatness started rolling. I was trying to stay ahead of the game, which I was/still am. Embracing the blessings coming from all angles. I signed myself up to doing a 10 Day Challenge Of Getting Seen. I was nervous, I didn't know what to expect, all I knew was, I had to do this. I interacted with some amazing business minded people. Reading about there own journey's and connecting with them too. Sharing ideas and getting just getting to understand different angles of business. We had to find out who our audience are, which social media was the best to use. We had to conquer our fears. My biggest fear was filming myself. I really didn't want to, really really didn't. But I did and felt liberated by doing it. It was a door to connect with my followers, people who liked my page and the world. 

Another challenge was to collaborate with someone. Again, I found this to be hard. Who do I ask? Who could I work with? Who would want to work with me? All these questions. I was the only one with the answers. I have a friend who bakes beautiful cake. I had given her a jar of my Spiced Plum with Dark Rum as a gift. She used it in one of her birthday cake, tagged me on Instagram and I got some really great reviews. That was the opportunity for myself to approach a few more people. There is a lady who has created a wonderful box called My Ebony Box. Her aim is to bring a beautiful box of goodies, to ladies to treat themselves each month. I was in the May Edition, which was amazing. I created a recipe card for Homemade Pizza with a Kick. The kick came from the Miniature Bottles of Scotch Bonnet Sauce. All the ladies have commented and embraced it all. 

My opportunity's are still knocking my door, nice and loud. I'm listening and making new opportunity's for myself all the time. 

Peace & Light.


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